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Engineering Drawing Assignment - See ALL 3 Parts

Part 1: Drawing Symbols (8 points)
a. Print and complete the following worksheet, identifying the symbols commonly used to specify dimensions and tolerances for engineering drawings (note, it is okay to copy definitions from the course pack): Drawing Symbols

Part 2: Dimensioning (8 points)

a. Download a copy of the undimensioned blue Inventor part: Inventor Part 1 (click or right click to save as then open in Inventor)

b. Grading will be based upon how well you follow the guidelines in the MAE3 Soft Reserves packet sections on dimensioning. Also, see Engineering Drawings

c. Follow the guidelines for dimensioning a drawing in Inventor, and use the standard drawing template. For a tutorial on creating drawings, see Creating Drawings in Inventor.

d. Submit a printed copy of the drawing layout for grading. Your name and section number, problem number (DWG No area), drawing title and date should appear on the drawing. Title of the drawing layout will be either Bracket or Counter Block.

Part 3: Tolerancing Using ANSI Standards(4 points)

Click this link: Tolerancing Using ANSI Standards to see instructions for part 3.

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