Logistics for Finishing Up MAE3

Last Day of Robot Work in the Design Studio is the Last Day of Classes

Final Peer Review

The final peer review is a required assignments and is due Sunday midnight after the last day of classes! 

Robot Report

  • Read the Robot Report Guidelines carefully
  • Tuesday and Wednesday sections have their reports due on the last day of classes (Friday) by 8:00 pm. Hardcopy in Design Studio by Sink.
  • Thursday and Friday sections have their reports due on Saturday just after the last day of classes by 8:00 pm. Hardcopy in EBU2-239 bin.
  • ALL STUDENTS need to ALSO turn in electronic copy via TED by the deadline for their section.

Contest Day

  • Robots can be picked up from the Design Studio starting at 9:00 am
    • Don't take tools from the Design Studio, we will have a fabrication area setup just outside the gym.
    • DO NOT bring superglue into the gym! It can ruin the floors!
  • Bring robots to the main gym (inbetween Revelle and Muir) so they are ready to complete starting at 11:30 am
  • Contest is single elimination but promising robots may have a second chance as wildcards, so don't leave the gym early!
  • If your robot has improved since since section it in week 10, make sure to demo it to the Professor that saw it, right after the contest.
  • Guests are invited and we will attempt to webcast the contest live. Details will be posted on contest day on the Robot Contest Page
  • After the electrical connector is returned at the contest and checked off, the robots can be taken home

Spatial Visualization Post-Test - OPTIONAL

  • This is an OPTIONAL test that covers the Spatial Visualization test from early in the quarter. Since this was not pre-requisite material for the class, students have the option of taking it again. Only the highest score will be used in grading. If you do not take this test, then your original score will be used. Friday of Finals week is the last day to take this test.

In Following Quarters

  • If you liked MAE3 consider becoming a tutor!. MAE3 is offered in the fall and spring. Tutor application forms are posted on the MAE3 site in the preceding quarter, once the schedule of classes is posted on-line.

Robot Webpages

The professor(s) will be reviewing the Robot Webpages the day after the final. If you have not uploaded everything to it yet, please do so by then. All students are encouraged to post their robot material and create a professional portfolio

Don't Forget to Thank Your Tutor and Everyone Else in the Design Studio Who Made the Course Possible

Please Fill out the CAPE evaluation. They are carefully read.