Individual Force-Torque-Power-Energy Analysis

Each team member should select one component of a potential design being considered by the group. For that component:


1. Describe the part with a figure and brief description.
2. List assumptions used.
3. Draw a Free Body Diagram showing the worst-case load condition. Do your best effort based upon your physics background; we will cover this in more depth later in MAE 3


4. Calculate the energy, power, force/torque required for the component to perform the task. 
5. Select an energy sources from the Team Force-Torque-Power-Energy Analysis
6. Calculate the Factor of Safety for energy, power, force/torque.


7. Summarize your conclusions: Why did you choose your energy source? What can you conclude from the factor of safety. What will be the limiting factor for your design (ie. not enough power, torque, force, etc...) and why?

Length of assignment 2-3 pages. Report must be typed. Diagrams can be neatly handrawn.

Summary of Energy Sources: (updated SP18)

See Example of Raising a Hammer.

The following links provide useful examples for how to perform the energy analysis and what is expected.

Shooting/Throwing Projectile example

Cart moving example

Rotating Robot Arm Example