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OLD Peer Reviews

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Peer reviews are used in MAE3 to provide feedback to your project teammates and to the instructors both midway through and at the end of the quarter.

The intermediate peer reviews are for feedback purposes and the results do not affect course grade, although there is a participation grade just for completing it. However, the final peer reviews will make up a significant portion of your final grade (10%)! 

When assigning a grade to the efforts of your teammates, you should use the following rubric:

Score | Meaning

90 - 100 | A - Excellent effort; this student's contributions were crucial to group’s success

80 - 89   | B - Very strong effort; this student contributed significantly to the group

70 - 79   | C - Sufficient effort; this student contributed adequately to the group

60 - 69   | D - Insufficient effort; this student contributed minimally to the group

  0 - 59   | F - Little or weak effort; this student was detrimental to the group

Peer Review Guidelines

  • The peer reviews will be kept anonymous from other students in the class, but the averaged results and combined comments from one’s teammates will be emailed to the students being reviewed.
  • It is not proper etiquette to ask your teammates how they reviewed you.
  • Review by peers can be difficult, but also among the most helpful of learning tools.
  • Comments are required for both "Areas of Strength" and "Areas for Improvement" for each teammate. For the latter, please focus on the impact of certain actions rather than on a team member’s personality.
Google Form link for peer review