Becoming a Tutor

MAE3 is not possible without a team of dedicated undergraduate teaching assistants, aka tutors. If you like MAE3, consider sharing your enthusiasm with other students as a tutor and earn money at the same time.  The tutor positions include:
  • Section Leader tutors, who lead a section, mentor teams, and perform grading of intermediate assignments (instructors grade robots).
  • CAD and 3D Printer tutor who run tutorials, hold CAD office hours, and helps with 3D Printing.
  • Design Studio Assistant tutors, who create the contest tables, organize the lab, and hold office hours in the Design Studio.
The workload is 10 hours a week and the pay is  $17.45 / hour. 

MAE3 is offered in fall and spring. In the preceding quarter an on-line application process is as follows:
  • Wait until your schedule for the upcoming quarter is known. 
  • Complete on-line application by end of week 8 at
    • Applications for fall occur in the preceding spring quarter.
    • Applications for spring occur in the preceding winter quarter.
    • There is no benefit of applying early since applications are reviewed at the beginning of week 9.
  • Interviews are held during weeks 9, 10, and finals week.
Tutor hiring is based upon design/hands-on experience, tutoring/mentoring experience, and enthusiasm for design and helping others. Weekly schedules is also paramount since all section leaders' schedules need to correspond to the section times, and all tutors have a weekly meeting on Mondays.