CAD Resources

Free Version of AutoCAD and Inventor (UCSD Students):

We recommend downloading the 2018 versions - this is the version installed on the school computers.
It is not possible to open 2019 version files in the 2018 version, or to open the 2018 version files in the 2017 version.

Note about Inventor for Mac:

Inventor can only be installed on a Mac using a Windows partition as detailed by Autodesk Support here. The TAs and instructors DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS. Please use other options such as Virtual Machines (link below) or using the computer labs during evenings and weekends. If you are enrolled in class, you can find the door code here.

 SolidProfessor (Required purchase for MAE3):

UCSD Resources:

        * Instructions on how to sign up for and use these Virtual Machines can be found HERE!
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