CAD Resources

Inventor and AutoCAD Access

Free Version of AutoCAD and Inventor (UCSD Students)

Spatial Visualization iPad App

iPads can be used in the Envision Maker Studio after the online safety training is completed.

The Spatial Visualization App can be used with login:
    username: UCSD Username
    Password: PID with UPPER CASE "A"
    Class Code: MAE3SP17



Basic Tutorials:

Inventor Tutorials:

  • SAMCAD Tutorials, some extra tutorials by the student CAD club on learning to model in Inventor


CAD Input Devices

  • A mouse with a scroll wheel is essential for 3D CAD.
  • SpaceNavigator and SpaceExlporer is widely used to increase CAD efficiency even more.

Autodesk Student Expert Program

  • Program Description
  • To apply, email SAMCAD (Student Association of Modeling and Computer Aided Design) is the official recognized organization associated with the UCSD branch of the ASE program.

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