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"Network Error" Inventor Install Fix

Approximately 30% of students end up with a "Network Error" message when you try to install Inventor and Autocad from the Autodesk website. We are still working on this issue, but this method of installing inventor works as of 11/6/14. If any issues, please email your TA or find him in person.

To install inventor:
  1. Visit:
  2. Log In (You need to register with your .edu email if you have not already done so)
  3. Select the software:
    • Inventor Professional 2015
    • English
    • Windows 64 or 32 bit (if you are not sure what windows you have, click THIS)
  4. Record (copy/paste) your serial number and product key
    • you will be emailed this too.
  5. Click the small blue pentagon (next to the blue button) and select "Browser Download"

  6. Click the blue "Browser Download" button. You will start downloading: Autodesk_Inventor_2015_English_Win_64bit_R1_dlm_001_002.sfx.exe
    • Size: 4gb
    • Download Time: ~30min on school wireless
  7. IMPORTANT: You will need a second file to install inventor. Download it by clicking this link: Autodesk_Inventor_2015_English_Win_64bit_R1_dlm_002_002.sfx.exe
    • Size: 374mb
  8. Make sure both install files are in the same folder.
  9. Run the larger file: Autodesk_Inventor_2015_English_Win_64bit_R1_dlm_001_002.sfx.exe
  10. Inventor should begin extracting.
    • Total size is 10gb
    • Takes ~30min to extract
  11. Begin your installation (finally. Sigh)
    • Input your serial and product key (you wrote this down and it was emailed to you)
written by TA Daniel Yang