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3D Printed Nut Holder Tutorial

In this tutorial you will use the revolve tool to make a nut holder. This nut holder will be 3D printed and used on your clock project!

Draw the Cross Section:

  1. Sketch the following shape on the YZ plane. 
  2. Make sure the origin is at the bottom left corner. Exit/Finish the sketch when done.
Revolve the Cylinder:

  1. Select "Revolve" on the 3D Model tool bar.
  2. Select the Axis to revolve. Then click OK.
Sketch the Loop:
  1. In the design tree, expand the Origin folder and select the XY Plane
  2. draw a .25x.25in square at the top of the cylinder. Use a center construction line as well as a "2 point center rectangle" to help you.
  3. draw a .12in diameter circle in the center of your square. Finish sketch when done.
Extrude the Loop:
  1. Select the shape that you wish to extrude.
  2. Set the thickness to .25in, and select the Symmetric Extrude option highlighted in red.
  3. This should create a .25in cube centered on top of your nut holder.
Add Fillets:
  1. Fillets reduce stress and look really cool, so add some fillets!
  2. Recommended radius: .1in
  3. If you click the wrong edge, shift+click to deselect
  4. Don't overdo the fillets! Too many fillets will cause errors in Inventor.

Exporting as .STL for 3D printing:

In order for the 3D printer to recognize your part, you must export your model as a .STL file in millimeters.
  1. To export: File>Export>Cad Format
  2. Select .stl for your file type. Then click Options and change the units to millimeters.

  3. Save your file to a flashdrive to bring to the Design Studio to print.
  4. Read more about 3D printing in MAE3 here: 3D Printing