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Animation Export Tutorial

One of the biggest problems that come with Inventor animations is the export of the animations. Because they take a large amount of processing power and computer memory, Inventor is prone to frequent crashing, so be sure to save your files before rendering your animations. 

First, before exporting, SAVE your assembly files. Then open up Inventor Studio to prepare rendering. Click on Render Animation when ready.
The first window should appear as this. Check your settings and set your resolution. Remember, the higher resolution, the more memory required and more likely the computer will crash. 

In the output tab, make sure that the time you render for matches your animation timeline. You don't want to render more than you have to. Also, reduce the frame rate to 10 to reduce the time and memory needed to render. This will lead to choppier video, but its worth the sacrifice for a properly rendered animation. In style, click off True Reflections.

After saving, this menu should pop up, you can reduce the network bandwidth, but that will lead to choppy video. 

If Inventor doesn't crash, you should have a complete animation!

Email me at if you have any questions on animations.