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Motor Hub Tutorial

In this tutorial you will design a universal hub which attaches to the geared motor. The tutorial is intentionally open ended to encourage critical thinking.

Engineering Drawing:
Study this drawing carefully, you will need it to determine the dimensions of your part.

Step 1: Draw the Basic Shape
Start by drawing the hubs basic shape. Refer to the engineering drawing for dimensions.

Step 2: Cutout the Double D shaft
In order to attach anything to the geared motor, you must attach it do a "Double D Shaft". Note: This step is complicated because Inventor deletes diameter constraints when you trim them.

Step 3: Cut all the Holes
Cut all five holes on the hub. Refer to the engineering drawing for dimensions, and also for the actual bolt hole dimensions. 

Step 4: Done!
You have completed the hub tutorial! This hub can be used as-is or modified. It is useful for attaching things such as linkages, gears, and pulleys to the geared motor.