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Project Geometry Motor Mount

Step 1: Create a 3x2x.2in rectangular plate
  • save as "motorplate.ipt"

Step 2: Create a new assembly with the motor plate and high speed motor
  • Insert the motorplate.ipt and high speed motor

Step 3: Constrain the face of the motor to the plate

Step 4: Edit motorplate.ipt inside the assembly
  • Save your assembly as "motor assy.iam"
  • Close the motorplate.ipt that is open
  • Double click your motor plate in the model tree to edit it
    • everything else should now be transparent

Step 5: Sketch and Project Geometry
  • Start new 2D sketch, and select the face of the motor plate
  • Find the Project Geometry tool
  • Select the important features: The two screw holes and the motor's bushing

Step 6: Cut out the Holes
  • Finish Sketch
  • Use the Extrude Tool, select the three holes, and cut them out.

Step 7: Explore your new Projected Geometry
  • Exit the part mode: in the model tree, double click your "motor assy.ism"
  • Notice how a red and blue refresh arrow appears next to your motor plate part
  • Your motor plate part is now adaptive, meaning that it will dynamically change.
  • right click the motor plate, and unchecked adaptive
  • Move your motor, then re-enable adaptive. Notice how the holes update on the plate