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Virtual Machines

ACMS has setup Virtual Machines for MAE3 students, which allow you to run certain software from any mac or PC.  Software packages include:
  • Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor 
  • Working Model 2D 
  • Matlab 
You can download the Virtual Machines program onto your personal computer. When connected to the server, you will get a Windows screen on your computer (regardless whether the computer is a Windows, Mac, or Linux machine) and you will be able to access the programs that can be found on the computer lab workstations. Any processing power used by a program in the Virtual Machine environment (Inventor, AutoCAD, etc.) is carried on the server, so the speed is limited by your wireless connection rather than your computer's processor.

Note: you must be on the UCSD network (eg. UCSD-PROTECTED wifi network) to use Virtual Machines. If you cannot access the network because you are off campus, you will need to install a virtual private network (VPN). Instructions for doing so are located here.

Tips: using Dropbox or Google Drive is a convent way to move files on and off of the Virtual Machine
  • Go to to download
  • During install it will require you to in tall under your username, not the administer, but that works fine
  • Choose custom install so you only sync the folders you want. Also it helps to install in your documents folder.