Clock Project

Clock Project

In this project each student will analyze and fabricate a model of a clock mechanism. The objectives of the project are to develop skills that will be used in the robot project, including:

  • Learn shop fabrication and Lasercamm skills
  • Use CAD for analysis and design
  • Evaluate mechanical device (clock)
  • Compare analytical prediction to experimental result
  • Document analysis and design
  • End up with a desktop model

Project Steps

  1. Draw Escapement Wheel (it is helpful to first complete Intro to Inventor)
  2. CAD 3D Printed Nut Holder
  3. Draw Pendulum
  4. Export from Inventor to AutoCAD
  5. Combine Pendulum and Escapement Wheel in AutoCAD

  6. Calculate Clock Timing (Should be done before assembling the full clock)

  7. Intermediate analysis and evaluation

  8. Fabricate Parts and Assemble ClockSee Glossary for machine shop definitions. (all created by Chris Cassidy)

    Reasons why you clock may not be working when it should be.

    All of the 1/4" Clock parts in AutoCAD DXF
    All of the 3/8" Clock parts in AutoCAD DXF

  9. Take photos of clock in Design Studio photobooth (For the cover of your clock report)

  10. Predict the timing of your clock at least 3 days before your report is due. Enter measured timing afterwards.

  11. Complete Clock Report and show completed and assembled clock

  12. Review Grading Criterion for the perfect clock report

Additional Information About Clocks

Extra Credit Opportunities

Opportunity for Extra Credit in the Clock Project Includes:

  • High quality design and fabrication.

  • In-depth analysis, exploring reasons for discrepancy between analysis and hardware performance, and improving analysis accuracy.

  • Using an analytical approach to vertically balance an asymmetrically shaped pendulum with strategically shaped bolts. Use the same methods described in the frequency analysis to find the center of mass, but now use bolt placement to position the center of mass about the x axis.

  • Clock Challenge for Fall 2011. (due one week after clock report)