Step 7

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1.) Slide the Spacer onto the Short Shaft.

2.) Slide the Pendulum onto the Short Shaft.

3.) Slide the Clip onto the Small Shaft leaving about 1/16" on each side of the Pendulum.

4.) Cut 24" of fishing line (the fishing line is located over by the tape and glue).

5.) Tie one end to the fishing line onto the screw in the Pulley Clamp going through the slot.

6.) Tie the other end of the fishing line to two of the large 1/2" nuts (located in a plastic bin above the fasteners).

7.) Wrap the fishing line around the pulley so that the Escapement Wheel will rotate CLOCKWISE.

8.) Refer to the following video to see the proper orientation and rotation direction of the escapement wheel and pendulum:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are done.

Your Clock Escapement should now work.

Clock Completed Correctly