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Clock Challenge for Fall 2011

It may be possible to further improve the MAE3 clock project! The original escapement wheel and pendulum pallets where generated from Mark Headrick's Horology Page. However, the original drawings did not account for the thickness of the Lasercamm beam, and may have other errors. In this assignment:

Part A (up to 10 pts)
  1. Redraw the escapement wheel and pendulum following instructions on Mark Headrick's Horology Page (sections 1, 2, and 3). 
  2. Measure the thickness of the Lasercamm beam by cutting a test part of 0.25" acrylic.
  3. Offset the geometry by the appropriate thickness to create a more accurate drawing of the parts
    1. Also check the distance between the pendulum and escapement wheel
  4. Compare your drawing to the MAE3 instructions and write up your findings

Part B (up to 10 pts)
  1. If your drawing indicate that the geometry should be changed. Ask Chris Cassidy for a piece of acrylic and remake your pendulum and escapement wheel.
  2. Measure how much weight it takes to get the clocks to tick, and compare with your original MAE3 clock. The lower the weight, the more effcient your clock is.
  3. If the clock performance increases, we will use your geometry with credit to you) in following quarter!