Region Subtraction

The Union and Subtraction of AutoCAD Regions

This guide will allow you to create a more precise region of your pendulum, which will result in a more accurate frequency analysis. This command may even be a necessity for those with large holes in their pendulum.
Simply put, this page will teach you how to make holes in your regions.

Step 1

Turn everything that you want to subtract from the region, into a region. Make sure that all pieces such as holes are already in the position that they need to be in.

Step 2

Type in SUBTRACT at the command prompt. You can also have the "Solids Editing" toolbar active and select the subtract option from there.

Step 3

Click the region that you want to subtract from and press enter. In the case below, we want to subtract regions from the white circle.

Step 4

Click the regions that you want to subtract and press enter. In this case the regions that need to subtracted are the green and red ones.

Easy huh? The same steps apply for fusing 2 regions together. All you have to do is type in UNION instead of SUBTRACT.
You can also use these same steps and commands to fuse or subtract solids in AutoCAD.