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Grading Criterion

MAE3 Clock Grading Criterion

Clock Hardware (70 points)

  • Correct implementation of the various design and assembly steps

 Clock Report Clarity (20 points)

  • The report should be easy to read, and someone who is not familiar with the assignment should be able to follow the document without a problem
  • The report should include all components of an engineering analysis and documentation


Clock Timing Analysis (60 points)

  • Implementation of all components of analysis, comparison with actual performance, and discussion

Extra Credit (up to 15 points - note points updated)

  • For extra effort in clock design (intricate graphics), report, and/or analysis.
  • 5 points extra credit are provided if the clock energy losses are low enough so the clock ticks with just one nut. The string must be wrapped around the provided size spacer so that the overall ticking time does not change.