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Reasons why your clock may not be working

1.) The Escapement Gear and Pendulum need to be orientated correctly to each other.

CORRECTION: Check the assembly directions.

2.) The parts on the shaft are pushed together too tightly.

CORRECTION: Space the parts out on the shafts.

3.) Too much friction.

CORRECTION: Using the cordless drill run the 0.251 reamer through the small and large bearings.

4.) Still too much friction.

CORRECTION: Add up to two of the 1/2" nuts for weight.

5.) The short metal shaft and the large bearing in the upright are not aligned. They should be parallel to each other.

CORRECTION: If during the reaming process the holes were reamed too large or at an angle this will cause the clock to run incorrectly or not at all. In some cases the short metal shaft and the large bearing can be super glued into the upright correctly. The only other option would be to remake the upright.

6.) Still doesn't work.

        Ask for help.