Getting Started

Important Requirements and Logistics

  • Prerequisites: Physics 2A or permission from instructor
  • Students who enroll in MAE 3 will be charged a lab fee of $65.00 that will be assessed with registration fees.
  • Attendance in YOUR first lab section of MAE 3 is MANDATORY. Students who do not attend the lab section they are signed up for may lose their registration right to continue in the class. Responsibility for officially dropping the course, however, belongs to the student.
  • The Finals time for MAE3 has been changed (see schedule of classes). This is necessary to accommodate the robot contest which is held in the gym. If you cannot make this time, an earlier final time will be made available for you to demonstrate your robot.
  • AutoCAD and Inventor can be downloaded for free or run from Virtual Labs. See instructions at CAD link. 
  • A USB Memory Stick is required to transfer files to between lab and the Lasercamm.
  • An i>clicker is needed starting with the second lecture.

Review the Schedule Carefully Each Week

If You Missed The First Lecture

  • Review the MAE3 Intro presentation under Lectures
  • First day Handouts can also be downloaded.
  • If you missed the Deep Dive video in class, see it on-line
  • You are still responsible for getting lecture notes from another student