Grades are posted on-line at: Triton Education (TED)

  • Any discrepancies or requests for re-grades must be submitted within one week of grade posting.

Grading (percentages are approximate and may vary over course):

Section Attendance and Participation5%
CAD and Sketching Assignments15%
Class participation with iClicker5%
Clock Assignment15%
Robot Project Assignments 
 - Design Process AssignmentsX*10%
 - Machine HardwareX*20%
 - PresentationX*10%
 - Individual Analysis10%
 - Peer Review FactorX

Grading is based upon following good design practices, achievement of design goals, and effective communication.

Late Assignments will not be accepted. 

Peer review is provided anonymously by one's teammates. If the results indicate that all team members share the work equally, then the peer review factor will be equal to 1 and it will not affect one's grade, but it can have a large effect otherwise. Instructor discretion may be used for large deviations in peer reviews.

Academic Honesty Policy

This course is based upon the premise that students are taking this class to increase their knowledge, and that academic honesty is a fundamental basis for one's education. Accordingly:

  1. All quizzes and individual homework assignments are to be done by the individuals whose name appears on the assignment.
  2. Students can ask one another for tips in implementing CAD, but no computer files can be shared for individual assignments.
  3. In open-ended design assignments, one is encouraged to look at outside resources including other students, web sites, and instructors. All ideas from outside sources (including other students and webpages used) should be properly referenced.

Accordingly to UC Guidelines on Student Conduct, all alleged incidents of academic dishonesty will be referred to the Office of Student Policies and Judicial Affairs. Any breach of academic honesty may be considered grounds for failure in the course.