Lasercamm Standard Holes

The Lasercamm is a $100,000 Laser Cutter located in the MAE Design Studio.

Guides and Tutorials for the Lasercamm Rapid Prototyping Machine:
Note on Terminology: We cut a part on a Laser Cutter (Lasercamm is just one brand of Laser Cutters), while we print a part on 3D printers.

Tips and Tricks:
  • Do not use splines, polylines, or ellipses! The Lasercamm cannot read these types of lines.
  • Save as a 2000 DXF. While other 'year' versions of DXF work, 2000 DXF is still the most reliable.
  • Explode your CAD drawings, both your escapement wheel AND your pendulum, at least twice EACH. This is to guarantee that you no longer have any regions. If you do still have regions, the Lasercamm will ignore them and cut everything else. It is perfectly okay to use the explode command 200 times, as segments that have already been exploded will not be damaged in the process.
  • Use the Delete Duplicate Lines tool, mentioned in this AutoCAD Layering for Lasercamm tutorial.
  • If your file is not cutting and you are using a flash drive with any form of notable security on it (i.e. SanDisk Secure Access), try moving the files into a new folder on the desktop. Just be 100% sure that you delete said folder when you are done cutting.
  • .DMC files made on Lasercamm 1 WILL NOT work on Lasercamm 2, and vice versa.

Lasercamm Video Tutorial