MAE3 Motor Mounting Instructions

High Speed Motor:

Face Mounting Pattern:
The high speed motor may be mounted by using two m2.5 screws. The pattern can be found below.

Shaft Mounting:
The motor shaft is 2.5mm (.098in) diameter. There three common hub designs to mount to this shaft:
  • Set screws
  • Press fits
  • Clamping hub
Face Tapped Clamping Hubs, 0.770" Pattern0.770" Pattern Set Screw Hubs

Geared Motor (GM9):

Face Mounting Pattern:
The geared motors are extremely useful, because they provide low speed and high torque. However, mounting these motors is the biggest challenge. There are a few tricks we can use to mount these motors.
  • Do not tap the shaft too deep!
  • You may want file off the stub. However this will expose a small shaft that may break your motor.
  • The motor's shaft is very short, to make sure the mounting plate is thin.

Shaft Mounting:
The GM9 uses a double D shaft. The best way to mount to the shaft is to create a double D interface to prevent axial rotation, and a 4-40 screw to prevent lateral motion. Avoid using set screws as it will damage the soft plastic shaft.

You may find this motor hub tutorial useful: Motor Hub Tutorial