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Design Studio, Lasercamms, and Extra Credit

posted Oct 4, 2011, 7:56 AM by Nate Delson   [ updated Oct 4, 2011, 3:24 PM ]
HW3: Click link to see Tips
  • On-line version of the sketching templates are posted
  • Clarification of what is needed and not need in the intermediate analysis.
Clock Regioning Tips

Design Studio
  • The Design Studio office hours have been modified to end at 8:30pm on M-F. 
  • In the Design Studio there will always be two tutors to help; one in the fabrication area and one in the assembly/Lasercamm area. See the pots by the door to identify who the TA on duty is.
  • Students are encouraged to help each other with clock fabrication.

  • Do not move the UCS on the file you use for the Lasercamm. Instead copy pendulum drawing to a separate file for the analysis.
  • Do not enter text in the file you use for the Lasercamm; it will cause a warning message to appear
  • Splines can generally be cut with the latest version of the Lasercamm software, but you may need to explode them.
  • Many warning generated by the Lasercamm software can be ignored. It is best to use the view function to see if the dmc file will cut properly. 
  • Currently the only way to use the small Lasercamm (number 2) is to create the dmc file on the computer connected to that machine.

Extra Credit Assignments
  • An extra credit sketching assignment has been posted and is due at the beginning of lecture Tuesday of Week 3 (see Schedule)
  • Clock extra credit assignments are posted on the Clock Project page on the bottom.