Pedagogical Study

The instructors and UCSD Teaching & Learning Commons would like to:
  • Study trends and correlations in assignments, surveys, and exams.
  • Use the data for improving learning at UCSD, and though publications around the world.

All data will be studied without names or identifying information.

The risk involved in the study is that someone will break into our database and compromise anonymity, which is a similar risk to someone breaking into instructor grade records.

Participating in the Study is Up to You
  • Because of the low risk involved in the study, documented informed consent is not required as deemed by the UCSD Human Research Protection¬†Program.
    • To participate in the study you do not have to do anything.
    • Only students over 18 will be included in the analysis.
  • If you want to Opt-out, you can:
    • Complete on-line opt out form.
    • Fill out paper form and give in envelope to TA, Tutor, or Instructor (these forms will be handed out in class).
    • Instructors will not know who opts out until after grades are submitted