Please Follow guidelines Below for Most Effective Assistance
  1. Ask or email your section tutor for section specific questions.
  2. Email Lead TA and Lead Tutor for general questions.
  3. Profs Delson and Garay are available to to answer questions in person after lecture. You can setup a meeting by emailing the contact info listed below. Please include your weekly schedule to help with meeting planning.

Email Etiquette

  • Include MAE3 in the subject line.
  • Introduce yourself, and indicate your section number and tutor's name.
  • Give a concise background of the issue, then ask your question.
  • Sign with your complete name.

Course Instructors

Associate Teaching Professor Nathan Delson,, EBU2-357
Associate Professor Javier Garay,, 

Office hours: meet in front of class after lecture or by appointment
On most Tuesdays students are welcome to join Prof. Delson at the Farmers Market; just let me you know you are coming.

Asking for recommendations and references.
We enjoy helping students after their completion of MAE3, but please organize recommendation requests to make them as easy to complete as possible and submit them at least 3 weeks before they are due. If you submit a LinkedIn connection request please add text to the request describing what class you took and your connection. Recommendations to graduate school typically require performing research in a lab for at least an upper division course.

Design Studio Manager: 

Christopher Cassidy, office: EBU2-315, Tel (858) 534-1470, ccassidy @
(To learn more about Chris, here is his Web Page)

Current: Spring 2018 TAs and Tutors