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2016-Fall TAs

Follow Guidelines Below for Most Effective Assistance

1. Section Questions: Ask or email your section tutor (see email addresses below).
2. General  MAE3 Questions and Analysis Questions: Email lead TAs
3. Communicate with Dr. Delson 
  • Meet after lecture or setup appointment by emailing
  •  Join him at the Tuesday farmers market, 11:00m-11:30am

Email Etiquette

  • Include MAE3 somewhere in subject line .
  • Introduce yourself, and indicate your section number and tutor's name.
  • Give a concise background of the issue, then ask your question.
  • Sign with your complete name.

Design Studio Manager: 

Chris Cassidy, office: EBU2-315, Tel (858) 534-1470, ccassidy @
(To learn more about Chris, here is his Web Page)

Lead TA, Lead Tutor, CAD Tutor, Design Studio, and 3D printer Assistants

Position  Name  Email
 Lead TA

Daniel Yang
 Lead Tutor

Nathaniel Liu
 Design Studio Assistant

Kristen Matsuno
  Design Studio Assassin
Jayant Mathur
CAD and 3D Printer Tutor

 Eric Quaal

Section Tutors

Teo Dinescu
 Section Tutor  A01  Tu 11:00a - 1:50p
Griffin Brunner
 Section Tutor  A02 
Tu 2:30p - 5:20p
 Section Tutor  A03      W 9:00a - 11:50a
Siddarth Govindan
 Section Tutor  A04 W 2:00p - 4:50p
Edward Lan

 Section Tutor  A05 Th 11:00a - 1:50p

 Section Tutor  A06 Th 2:30p - 5:20p  
Jackie First
Section Tutor A07 F 9:00a - 11:50a 
Section Tutor A08 F 2:00p - 4:50p