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2012 Spring TAs


Please Follow guidelines Below for Most Effective Assistance

  1. Ask or email your section tutor for section specific questions.
  2. Email Lead TA and Lead Tutor for general questions.
  3. Dr. Delson prefers to answer questions in person after lecture. If you have another class right after lecture contact info is: Email:, Office: EBU2-280, Voice: (858) 534-0655

Email Etiquette

  • Include MAE3 somewhere in subject line .
  • Introduce yourself, and indicate your section number and tutor's name.
  • Give a concise background of the issue, then ask your question.
  • Sign with your complete name.

Design Studio Manager: 

Chris Cassidy, office: EBU2-315, Tel (858) 534-1470, ccassidy @
(To learn more about Chris, here is his Web Page)

Lead TA, Lead Tutor, CAD Tutor, and Design Studio Assistants

Position Name Email
 Lead TA
Jesse Unger
 Lead TutorBrian Miller
 Design Studio AssistantDanee Kenyon

 CAD Tutor
Sean Conroy 

Section Tutors

Kunal Shah

K2shah@ucsd.eduSection TutorA01Tu 11:00a - 1:50p
Jeremy Senne 

Jsenne@ucsd.eduSection TutorA02Tu 2:00p - 4:50p
Kenneth Lu

k4lu@ucsd.eduSection TutorA03We 9:00a - 11:50a 
 Brian Miller

bcm001@ucsd.eduSection and Lead TutorA04We 2:00p - 4:50p
  Jeffrey Friesen 

 jfriesen@ucsd.eduSection TutorA09*Th 11:00a - 1:50p 
Dae Kang 

dykang@ucsd.eduSection Tutor
A05Th 2:00p - 4:50p
  Jack Goodwin 

jvgoodwi@ucsd.eduSection TutorA06Fr 9:00a - 11:50a   
   Sam Avery 

savery@ucsd.eduSection TutorA07Fr 2:00p - 4:50p    
*section A09 is out of order, there is no A08.