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MAE3 Kit Parts and Rules of Use

Locker Number:__________

Team Number:___________

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Qty  Description Qty   Description
 DC Geared Motor 2  Aluminum sheet metal
2  DC 90 Degree Geared Motor 2  Aluminum square tubing
2  DC Non-Geared Motors 1  Aluminum angle 1.5 x1.5"x16"

1  Aluminum angle 0.75"x0.75"x16"
3  1/4" Timing Belts (2 small/1 large) Pitch size 0.2" XL. 2  Aluminum rod D=1/4" L=16"
6  O-ring belts (2 small/2 medium/2 large) 1  Aluminum rod D=3/8" L=12"
1  36" length O-ring 1  Aluminum rod D=1/2" L=6"

 Nylon string 5 ft (Serve yourself) 1
 Acrylic 0.25"x12"x12" (clear)***

 Fishing line 5 ft (Serve yourself) 2
 Acrylic 0.25"x12"x16" (colored)

 Electrical Wire 12 ft (Serve yourself) 2  Acrylic 0.125"x12"x16" (colored)
3  Large rubber bands 1  Delrin 0.25"x12"x1" (white)
 Medium rubber bands 1
 Sheet of foamcore***
 Small rubber bands 1  Tubes of super glue - STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT THIS IS USED SPARINGLY
10  Small paper clips

1  Set of springs (2 small/2 medium/2 large) 1  Robot Power Cord (Must be returned at the end of the class)
1  Shim stock 1" x 6" x 0.010"
Kit Tools: Small screw driver for power cord, needle nose pliers,
(3) black wrenches, sharpie, and box cutter

(All kit tools must be returned at the end of the class)

 * If any piece of paper is detached (even partially) from the acrylic it must be discarded!
    (i.e. paper cannot be used as a separate element in the machine)
** The insulation must remain on the electrical wire except where the wire end is attached to another component.
*** Clear acrylic 0.25" thick and foamcore are for testing. NO FOAMCORE IN THE FINAL ROBOT.
    If you create a part using the clear acrylic BEFORE WEEK 6 LAB, you may keep it in the final robot but must
    subtract an equivalent area of colored acrylic.