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2015 Kit Parts

MAE3 Kit Parts and Rules of Use
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Qty  Description Qty   Description
2 DC Geared Motor 2 Aluminum sheet metal
2 DC 90 Degree Geared Motor 2 Aluminum square tubing
2 DC Non-Geared Motors 1 Aluminum angle 1.5 x1.5"x16"
1 Solenoid 1 Aluminum angle 0.75"x0.75"x16"
3 1/4" Timing Belts (2 small/1 large) Pitch size 0.2" XL. 2 Aluminum rod D=1/4" L=16"
6 O-ring belts (2 small/2 medium/2 large) 1 Aluminum rod D=3/8" L=12"
1 36" length O-ring 1 Aluminum rod D=1/2" L=6"
Nylon string 5 ft (Serve yourself) 1 Stainless Steel Shaft (DO NOT CUT!)
Fishing line 5 ft (Serve yourself) 1 Acrylic 0.25"x12"x12" (clear)***
Electrical Wire 12 ft (Serve yourself) 2 Acrylic 0.25"x12"x16" (colored)
3 Large rubber bands 2 2 Acrylic 0.125"x12"x16" (colored)
3 Medium rubber bands 1 Delrin 0.25"x12"x1" (white)
3 Small rubber bands 1 Sheet of foamcore***
10 Small paper clips 1 Tubes of super glue
1 Set of springs (2 small/2 medium/2 large) 1 Robot Power Cord (Must be returned at the end of class)
1 Shim stock 1" x 6" x 0.010" Set Needle nose pliers, Diagonal cutter, (3) Black wrenches, Sharpie,
2 Ceramic ring magnets and Box cutter(Must be returned at the end of class)
* If any piece of paper is detached (even partially) from the acrylic it must be discarded 
(i.e. paper cannot be used as a separate element in the machine)
** The insulation must remain on the electrical wire except where the wire end is attached to another component, 
and there up to 0.5” of insulating can be removed.
*** Clear Acrylic 0.25 thick and foamcore are for testing.
 If you include any clear acrylic or foamcore in your final machine, you must remove an equivalent amount of colored acrylic that was used in making the part.