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Nut Holders Upload

The Nut Holders will be printed by the tutors to reduce wait time. To upload the file please:

  1. Save your bracket as an ipt and stl files using the naming convention: LastName_FirstName_Bracket, e.g. Delson_Nathan_Bracket.stl

    • To create an stl file from Inventor: File>Export>Cad Format.
    • Select .stl for your file type. Then click Options and change the units to millimeters.
  2. Open Google Drive in new browser tab: (you may need to sign out of your personal Gmail account)

  3. Login to Google for your section:

    • Username: where X is replaced by your section number 1-8.
    • Password will be provided by your tutor

  4. Find the folder for your quarter and section and drag your ipt and stl files into the folder