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DFM Extra Credit

[EC1]: Design For Manufacturability (DFM) Extra Credit.

Find an object in everyday life where the design includes aspects relating to DFM. Typically these relate to cost reduction while still providing for high performance parts. A common approach is low tolerance design that still allow for easy assembly.  Examples presented in class include:
  • Large clearance holes
  • Slots
  • Texture on plastics parts to hide imperfections, so that a lower cost molds can be used.
Write up a 1-2 page summary including a photo of the part and a description of what features of DFM were used. 

Your example must be different than the ones above, and you must physically touch the product and evaluate it. Web photos are not acceptable.

After you use your intuition to identify DFM features, you can look up aspects on the internet for verification.