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Robot Analysis Proposal

[HW9b]: Individual Robot Report Proposal

NOTE: Submit online AND bring hardcopy to review with Lead TA during section

Each student is to complete this proposal for their robot report and review it with the a Lead TA during section. This proposal can be thought of as a draft of your robot report. The more time and effort you spend on it now will result in an easier and better final robot report. The report must by typed.

Description of Component:

  • Select a powered component to do your analysis on. It is best to select a component different from your teammates.
  • Briefly describe your component
  • Include a CAD or Photo of your component

Objective of Analysis:

  • What aspect of machine performance are you trying to calculate?
    • Examples: Maximum mass lifted, maximum pushing force, maximum gripping force, etc...
    • Bad Examples: reliability, non-powered components, etc...
Free Body Diagram (FBD):
  • Hand draw a FBD. This is the most critical aspect of your analysis, if the FBD is incorrect, your analysis will be incorrect.
  • Please spend some effort and time on this.
Calculate the maximum force or torque:
  • Type the force and moment equations using an equation editor:
    • example: 
    • Microsoft word equation editor recommended
    • Variables should be kept until the final equation
    • You do not need to solve the equations yet
Measure the maximum performance of the robot:
  • Describe how you plan to measure the maximum force, torque, masses lifted, etc....

General Tips:
  • If you must split the component into two analysis (for two teammates), choose a complicated component.
  • Speed analysis is difficult to do correctly because of the motor's torque speed curve. It is possible but not straight forward.