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Ted Upload Instructions

  • ( log in with your student credentials)
    • MAE 3 - Delson [SP12] (select MAE3 from your list of classes)
      • Assignments  ( this is located on the left hand side menu)
        • View/Complete ( Click the link for the assignment and upload your report)

Use internet explorer if you cannot find the menu on the left hand side of You might have to click a small arrow to expand the menu. Once you've found it, just follow the directions to submit your electronic version of your report.

Helpful hints if you cannot find the link:

If you cannot see the "Assignments" option then your menu is likely minimized.  In order to maximize it you need to click the arrow circled in the following picture.

Once that is done, select the Assignments option:

Finally, the Turnitin link should be available for you. Click on View/Complete to begin the process.