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Midterm Topics

Exam Logistics

  • Bring Pencil and Eraser since part of the exam will use a bubble sheet, and any erasures must be clean.
  • Closed Book

Design Process Topics

  • Concurrent Engineering and The Design Process (lecture and reading on Canvas)
  • Creativity and Concept Generation (lecture and reading on Canvas)
    • Functional Requirements, Solution Neutral Environment, Conceptual Breakthroughs 
  • Pugh Charts, Risk Reduction, and Gantt Charts (review robot project assignments)
  • Teamwork:
    • Teamwork -- McGourty and Meuse extract, (reading on Canvas)
    • The Creative Priority -- Hirschberg Extract, (reading on Canvas)
    • Reflections from MAE156A student (reading on Canvas)

Application of Analysis to Design

  • Clock Analysis: methods for avoiding mistakes (review analysis and report guidelines)
  • Possible Clock Quiz Questions
  • Sketching, 3D Spatial Visualization (reading on Canvas)
  • Energy Analysis – Know all parts of team and individual!
    • Make sure you know which robot kit components have high energy, power, force, and torque
  • Free Body Diagrams and Linear Slides
  • Degrees Of Freedom 
  • Moment Visualization 
  • Bearings and Exact Constraint Design 
  • Gear reduction & mechanical advantage 
    • Gear Ratios
    • Gear Info
    • Power Transmissions
  • Dimensioning (as covered in lecture and assignment)


Daniel Yang,
May 9, 2016, 10:09 AM