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Oral Presentation Worksheet

Oral Presentation Worksheet

  • Complete this sheet before you begin your rough draft to help organize your thoughts.
  • Turn in this worksheet online and to your tutor in week 9 for comments
  • Turn in this worksheet again online and with your final presentation in week 10.

How can you best explain how your machine works?

  • It is important to start your presentation with a clear explanation how the machine works early in the presentation. Otherwise they will not understand the context or the design details in the rest of the presentation.
  • What step-by-step CAD figures will you use and what views will they be in (top , side, or isometric).
  • What photos, videos, and animation (optional) will you use?

What are the most interesting aspects of your robot?

  • List the top 3 the most interesting parts of your robot?
  • What do you want the audience to remember about your presentation?
  • What will be the titles of the slides for each of these key points?
  • What will be the figures and views




What Analysis will the team present? 

  • What is the objective of the analysis?
  • What are the assumptions and methods to be used?
  • What experimental results will be measured to validate the analysis?
  • Who will perform the analysis and who will check it? 



Design Process

  • Are there elements of the concept generation, risk reduction, or teamwork that are especially noteworthy in terms of how they influenced your design decisions?