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Lab HW2

This Week in Section:

Students will meet in the computer lab (rm 239). After announcements, the section will be split into two groups. One will head up to the Design Studio for safety training. The other group will stay in the computer lab to learn Excel and Autocad. Halfway through, the groups will switch.

Required Reading:

Assignments Due in Section:

  • Complete SolidProfessor Sketching Lesson
    • Complete the "Review Test" at the end of the lesson. You must watch all videos for this to appear.
    • Print out a screen shot of the "Dual Lever Sketch" and the "Two Slot Gasket"
  • Printout of Escapement Wheel and Pendulum CAD
    • printing out screen shots is fine
  • If you customized your nut holder, email it to your section tutor
DUE TUESDAY LECTURE - OCTOBER 9: Complete the Physics Pre-Quiz at home, but this time with higher accuracy.

All lab assignments are due at the beginning of section; no late assignments accepted.
Late attendance to section will result in a 50% reduction in attendance grade.