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Lab HW3

This Week in Section:

Students will meet in the Design Studio will have time fabricate their clocks and work on homework assignments. In addition, they will be introduced to the robot contest and robot kits.

Required Reading

  • 3D Spatial Visualization - Sorby (on TritonED)
Section Preparation
  • Bring your clock kits to fabricate your clock in section.
  • Robot teams will be randomly created and announced next week. But if there is someone you do not want to work with, let your tutor know by sending an email to your tutor by this lab. 
Assignments Due in Section
  • Plastic pendulum and escapement wheel cutouts
  • (Due in week 4 lecture for SP18) Sketching Assignment
  • 3D Visualization Assignment (The answers can be turned in on a separate piece of paper)
  • Complete SolidProfessor Advanced Features
    • Complete the "Review Test" at the end of the lesson
    • Print out a screen shot of the "Door Handle" and the "Slide Bearing Block"
  • Clock Intermediate Timing Analysis:
    • Theoretical point mass approximation. See Natural Frequency of a Point Mass
      • Print out your Excel file using the Template in the Excel Tutorial. One printout to show numerical results and a second printout to show equations using named variables.
    • Intermediate verification. Measure the mass and estimate the center of mass of your pendulum.
    • Reminder: Next week the completed clock report is due!

Assignments Due AFTER Section

Subpages (1): Sketching Assignment