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CAD Concept Generation

[Checkoff5]: CAD Concept Generation
CAD Assignment:
Create a CAD assembly of a design you are considering for your robot. The design can either be a robot sub assembly, or an entire robot. A print out of a screenshot of your CAD will be due at the end of section. This assignment is fairly open ended, but your assembly must contain:
  • At least 3 different parts
  • At least one motor
  • Be assembled in an assembly
Additional Tips (Please Read!):
  • Large boxy shapes are encouraged
  • Do not bother with screw holes or accurate mounting holes
  • Dimensions do not have to be exact or finalized.
  • CAD files of MAE3 motors can be found on the left sidebar under "CAD Library"
  • Motor mounting tips and instructions can be found under: MAE3 Motor Mounting Instructions