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Lab HW8

Due at Beginning of Section

Reading (To be done before section)

Due at Beginning of Section

  • Score 2 points: Completely legal robot that starts in the starting area and is operated by the switches.
  • OR: Control a block: Robot must remove and hold a block from the block's starting position. The block must not touch the playing field or the floor. The robot must also be completely legal, starts in the starting area, and operated by switches. 
    • 1 week late 50% credit (the week 8 hardware test is worth 20 pints - double regular HW)
  • Updated Gantt Chart
  • Dimensioning Assignment 
  • Complete SolidProfessor Dimensioning Techniques and DFM
    • Print out the "Clevis" drawing with your name in the part info
    • Complete the "Review Test" at the end of the lesson

*All lab assignments are due at the beginning of section.
Late attendance to section will result in a 50% reduction in attendance grade.