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This Week in Section:

This week students will meet in the computer lab (rm 239). Students will cover several Inventor tutorials and learn about 3D printing.
  • Inventor Robot Assembly Tutorial
  • 3D print tutorial
  • CAD of robot
    • CAD your concept hand sketch (completed as homework)
    • Use this time wisely! Collaborate with your teammates, ask questions to your tutor, etc..
    • Print out screenshot at the end of section.
  • Risk Reduction Review with Tutor
  • Individual Energy Analysis Proposal Review with Lead TA
  • [Checkoff5]: CAD Concept Generation
Required Reading:

Section Preparation:

Assignments Due BEFORE the start of Section:

  • [HW5a]: SolidProf Assemblies
    • Complete SolidProfessor Assemblies
    • Submit a screen shot of the "Rotating Slider Mechanism" and the "Rotary Piston Assembly".
  • [HW5b]: SolidProf Assembly Quiz NO LONGER DUE
    • Complete the "SolidProfessor Assy Quiz" on Gradescope. These questions are based off the SolidProfessor videos for this week.
  • [HW5c]: Concept Hand Sketch
    • Hand Sketch a critical component to be CADed in section
      • Must included at least 3 different components (motor, spring, etc..)
      • Dimension several key dimensions
      • Sketch the three views: front, side, top
    • Examples: Drivetrain, claw mechanism, conveyor belt, lift mechanism, etc....
    • Team should coordinate so each student draws a different part, but these parts can be assembled together.
    • Submit online AND bring hardcopy to Section
  • [HW5d]: Risk Reduction Proposal (review actual Risk Reduction Demo, which is during Lab HW6)
    • Submit online AND bring hardcopy to Section to discuss 
  • [HW5e]: Team Force-Torque-Power-Energy Analysis 
    • Team works together, but each person must submit individually to Gradescope
    • Hints: some motors spin slow enough to measure speed by eye and others spin too fast and you must use the measurement setup.
    • Additional information found here
  • [HW5f]: Individual Energy Analysis PROPOSAL
    • Submit online AND bring hardcopy to Section to discuss 
  • [HW5g]: Linear Slider
  • [HW5h]: Moment Visualization
  • ReflectionW5: Spend a few minutes each week on this reflection form