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This Week in Section:

This week students will meet in the Design Studio. Students will present work on robots and beat the Golem!

Due at BEFORE the start of Section

  • [Checkoff9]: Beat Golem
    • Beat the tutor built Golem (simple robot built by the section tutors)
  • [HW9a]: Presentation Preparation
  • [HW9b]: Individual Robot Report Proposal (also review requirements for final Robot Report)
    • Submit online AND bring hardcopy to Section to discuss 
  • [HW9c]: Robot Subassembly Assignment
    • Use the Inventor Inch Template.idw for step 1
      • To edit the info in the bottom, go to File>iProperties and edit the Summary and Project tabs accordingly
    • If your subassembly is not on a 90 degree origin:
      • Right click on the orientation box in your assembly file and select "Set Current View as..." to create a new orientation
      • Right click on the orientation box in the idw and select "Custom Orientation View" to use the orientation you just created
  • [HW9d]: Updated Gantt Chart
  • Complete CAPE for the class. Sections that have at least a 90% completion rate will receive a treat during week 10.
  • ReflectionW9: Spend a few minutes each week on this reflection form

*All lab assignments are due on Gradescope BEFORE the start of section; no late assignments accepted.
Late attendance to section will result in a 50% reduction in attendance grade.