Solidprofessor Assembly Video Assignment

For Fall 2017, MAE3 has partnered with Solidprofessor to provide free access for 1 year to all of the CAD instructional resources. You must complete this assignment before section:
  1. Activate your Solidprofessor account
  2. Join the MAE3 class to view the assignment
  3. Watch the assembly video lessons (we will grade percent completion of the videos) (<30min total)
  4. At the beginning of Week 5 section, there will be a quiz on the assembly videos.
Create an Account:
  1. Go to the Solidprofessor Student Store:
  2. Select UCSD from the school menu
  3. Enter in your UCSD email address
  4. Select "I already have an enrollment key"
  5. Paste in your enrollment key (you should have received this in an email)
Join our Class:
  1. Click the Classes tab
  2. Select "Nate Delson"
  3. Click "View assignments"
  4. Select Understanding Assemblies
  5. You should now be able to see all of the instructional videos of the Understanding Assemblies lesson

Watch and Learn:
Now you can watch all 12 Understanding Assemblies lessons. You will be graded on your completion of the videos as well have a quiz in section. Ultimately, these videos are to help you better understand CAD and be able to build a better robot.